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Heat Caution & Summer Shipping

Heat Caution

Olivia + Lucille Co. use raw butters, skin nourishing carrier oils, and vegan waxes (soy and candelilia). Because a majority of our products are made with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, during the hotter months or in high temperatures locations are prone to melt. Shea Butter will melt at 96 degrees Fahrenheit and Coconut Oil will melt at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. All jarred containers should be stored in a cool area with temperatures between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is highly recommended when ordering our whipped body creams, sugar blends, and salt blends that you have them sent to an address that will not have these items sitting outside for too long. We DO NOT accept returns for items left outside for long periods of time. 

However if your item(s) are left to melt by no fault of your own simply place them in the fridge (gently stir) to solidify. The raw butters and oils that we use retain their fundamental properties. The integrity of the product is not compromised due to it melting.

Summer Shipping

All orders are shipped via USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail. Those purchasing a whipped body cream, sugar blend, or salt blend are encouraged to add "CONFIRMATION SIGNATURE" to ensure that a family member can sign for package. The current USPS confirmation signature rate is $2.45 (see details here). If you choose to bypass the confirmation signature, we encourage that you do not leave your package outside.

All orders $60 or more automatically receive FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING


How to store

Keep all products in a cool dry place to insure that product won't melt. We encourage that all of our products stay out of the reach of children. Although all ingredients are natural it is not recommended that they be indigested. If this occurs please consult you physician. 

  Whipped body cream has a high melting point and will melt in direct or indirect sunlight. If this occurs simply place in a cool area or fridge and let product become solid again.

  Sugar blends have a high content of oils that are emulsified (bonded together) in order to be able to be used with water. If left in a high temperature area it can become more oily. Simply place in fridge and wait for oils to join back together. However they may not bond the way they were before and sugar blend can become and stay more oily than before.

       There's nothing wrong with the product it is more liquid than when purchased

  Luxe bombs are harden but contain oil. There is a possibility oil can be disbursed if left out in the heat. 

* To insure that all products remain intact please store in a cool dry place.*