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The Organic Way

The Organic Way

     Being more conscious about what is put in your body as well as on your body was thought to be a fad but has quickly turned into a global lifestyle. Especially in the United States. As one of the unhealthiest nations in the world America has hopped on the healthy organic bandwagon and doesn't show signs of getting off. According to millennials- yes we said MILLENNIALS are the central drive force behind the WORLDWIDE shift away from animal product based foods. Plant-based foods are not only geared towards celebrities and athletes, but school teachers and entire countries such as China. Everyone is on the plant-based train.

    This mindset has rolled over into what we put on our skin. Natural-based skincare products are becoming more and more popular. Due to reducing the usage of harsh chemicals on the skin and promoting a more eco-friendly environment, brands have either switched to more natural skincare all together or have added a "natural" line to their brand. Companies such as The Body Shop and Lush have created a more mainstream acceptance for natural skincare over the past decade.       

     We all know that eating better makes us look and feel better. But using those same ingredients on your skin can promote healthier looking and feeling skin. Ingredients such as coconut oil, raw honey, avocado oil, and sea salt help to hydrate, brighten, soothe, and restore the skin. Most of these ingredients can be found at your local grocery store or local organic store. Even better is these ingredients can be consumed for a healthier body.      

     Our products are what you want to put on your skin. Ingredients are responsibly sourced, tested on actual people, and handcrafted by passionate individuals who want to create products that help those with skin ailments. Within just our family, sensitive skin is common. We created our brand around our severe eczema stricken niece. Researching of carrier oils, butters, and essential oils are a daily concern. Our brand is for the people who want to have healthy feeling and looking skin without having to put chemicals on your skin. Why not have skin that retains moisture? Why not have skin that is soft and smooth? Why not feel amazing in your own skin?       

     This is what we strive for. BEAUTIFUL SKIN! This is attainable with a few natural ingredients and a little knowledge on how those ingredients benefit you and your skin. Check out our blog post about the ingredients we use that can be put on the skin and consumed and how they benefit your body and skin! Go play in the bath or shower - either way go play in Olivia + Lucille Co. 😜😘


Organic Products handcrafted to help keep skin healthy and happy without chemicals





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